The following amenities are available at the specified extra charge

Breakfast with a view

BREAKFAST served in cottage at the time of your choice: 125sek/pers
Select your preferences using the form supplied in the cabin.


DINNER served in the cottage, followed by dessert and coffee, at the time of your choice; 150sek/pers
Typically we are able to offer a choice of: 
- Pasta and tomato or pesto sauce
- Pizza
- Swedish meatballs with gravy, lingonberry jam, potatoes and side vegetables
- oven baked salmon, potatoes, gravy and side vegetables
- etc

Hot tub over looking lake

JACUZZI: 175sek first person, 100sek extra adult, 50sek child
on terrasse overlooking lake, 5 seats, one lying down, coloured lights, water constantly at 40deg. Especially romantic under the stars at night.

















SAUNA: 125/session
Sauna cabin is on the jetty, only meters from the water

Electric moto-cross bike for children

QUAD or  MOTO-CROSS bike for children (max 60kg)

electric: 200sek first day, 50sek extra days.
Very easy to ride, no noise, 3 different power settings. Can be driven on the lawns around the cottages.


electric powered dinghycanoeing

DINGHY with electric motor: 200sek first day, 100sek extra days
Very easy to maneuver, forward/rearward from same throttle. Explore the lake and its islands, or go fishing.





CANOE: 100sek first day, 50sek extra days
Explore the lake in perfect tranquillity.

Pike and perch fishing

FISHING rod and ancillary equipment, plus fishing permit: 200 first day, 100sek extra days.

The lake contains Pike and Perch. The current record for pike is 14.3 kg (desiccated skull featured on second picture). If you beat the record, your stay is free!

Bikes for rent

BICYCLES, 100sek first day, 50sek/extra day

- hybrid road/race bike

- mountain bike

(small bike for children is free)





Single kayaks, "Asparagus" and "Carrot": 100sek first day, 50sek/extra day

Family kayak, "Doubletrouble", 3 seats: 200sek first day, 100sek/extra day


WASH & DRY, washing-bag (max 7kg), 100sek
please deliver bag to reception, specifying max temperature or other instructions


DOGS ALLOWED, 100sek per stay